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Insightful and honest readings. Get a second look into your situation with Crystal Readings.

**SORRY NO PHONE SESSIONS AT THIS TIME** If you see that I am not online, Please email me. I respond as soon as possible. If your READY for the truth chat with me! Find out how he or she REALLY feels about you. Looking for an honest and accurate reader New Orleans Seer/Witch for over 30 years!** As for now I am ONLY doing chat and email readings. If you come into my chat make sure that you add enough funds Those that choose to click out or hang up on me will be blocked! I don't have time for those games and your wasting time that could be used for people who really want a reading from me. Find out how he or she truly feels about YOU! Please be aware that if you ask me frank questions sometimes I will respond with a frank answer, not too hurt you or be rude but to be honest with what is shown too me. Please be prepared too hear the truth when you come too me. I am straight forward. Sometimes people will get angry with me because the reading isn't what they wanted too hear. I am not here too sugar coat your reading. So please don't punish the messenger when its not what you want too hear, when Spirit gives me information I am obligated to relay the message. I am a very kind and professional reader and work very hard to get you the reading you deserve and pay for. Please also note that I WILL not lower my fee unless I am running a special. My regular clients get discounted rates only. Once you have become a client of mine, you will benefit from my lower discounts. My guarantee is that your time won't be wasted and I will get the reading to you as quickly as possible(I do not type slow, I type like the average person you will see that).**I give the truth about what I see no matter if its good or bad. My methods won't just leave you hurting if the news is bad. I will also share with you which paths you can take to either change or move on to the next level in your life. Are you confused? Are you worried about a loved one, spouse or lover? I won't try to lead you on or just tell you what you want to hear, believe me as an authentic psychic. I am obligated to tell you the truth. For medium readings photos are great for me to connect to, if I cannot pick up on your loved one that passed away there is no need to hire me its that simple. First three minutes are free in online livechat! However, I DO NOT give free readings, please take the time too tell me all that you can within those 3 free minutes! I DO NOT Do GUESS,TEST AND COLD READINGS!!! *Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, by doing this you agree that all readings purchased or hired through me here on liveperson is for entertainment purposes only and by law I am not responsible for any of your final decisions you choose to make. I look forward to reading for you guiding and helping you find solutions and peace about your situation. Disclaimer*

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic and Clairvoyant for over 30 years. I have performed many spells and energy cleanses for many friends, family and celebrities. I have also worked and still do contract work for many other psychic networks(cannot say here on liveperson) Tested in clairvoyancy, mediumship, and remote viewing. Liveperson Expert


Hospice Nurse, BSHA, educated in psychology courses. Born psychic medium.Ordained Metaphysical Minister of Divinity with the Universal Life Church

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