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Get one on one with ReadingsByStar - Crystal Reading in Eugene right now. 1 years of career in Crystal Reading.

About ReadingsByStar's Services:

With the power of both Amethyst and rare Brazilian crystals Star can delve into the depths of insight to guide you.

Star has been given a incomparable power to divinity using various implements to guide and help others seeking direction on this road of life we all must travel.The crystal being used as a medium gives energetically signals and vibrations in which Star has used to navigate those who sought answers for questions such as..."what is ahead for me?" "What is my true destiny?"..."Am I with the 'one' "..."Is my mate truthful?"...or "Have I made the right career choice"... Star offers this direction through crystal readings..but also has a vast assortment of other intense and accurate readings such as AURA,TEA LEAF,EGYPTIAN TAROT,and the rare reading of THE LOVERS ORCHID.also dream interpretation.

Experience & Qualifications

Star has over 20 years of professional experience as a reader.But is also known as a wonderfully accomplished spiritualist and medium through out the meta-physical world by her peers and colleagues.she now is located in the US and owns and operates her own reading boutique.


She studied under several Masters and Guru's from ages 14-19.By 20 she travelled through countries,learning the ways of spirituality for diverse cultures.She then arrived back in the US and succeeded in undertaking a 2 1/2 year course from Mary Camden's school for the gifted.She now is located in the US and owns and operates her own reading boutique.

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